School board

The Board of Directors (School Board) consists of school community parents/volunteers who are either elected, or appointed (by the Holy Ghost Parish Pastor). Each elected member serves a 3-year term and is eligible to run for re-election for a second 3-year term.

The Board consists of an Executive committee; Board Chair, Vice- Chair, Treasurer and Secretary, and works with the other Board members jointly. The Board of Directors works closely with the school Administrator to ensure the objectives of the school community are evaluated and meet the school community needs . The Board is charged with assisting in furthering the school’s mission and ensuring the school’s success. The Board meets on a monthly basis, with a school Annual General meeting held in October.

The Board’s responsibility is to set policies, provide direction and to deal with the business aspects of running the school; (budgets, financial management, staffing, and physical plant). They also deal with directives from the Provincial Department of Education (Manitoba Education Training and Youth) and work alongside the Administrator to ensure appropriate implementation, where necessary .

All inquiries related to School Board matters, or how you can become a Board member, can be sent to