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Current Fundraisers
  • Toonies for Tuition Day.

    Did you know that many families in Canada need to pay tuition to attend their local Catholic school? This charitable foundation alleviates the financial burden on Catholic families who live in a province where Catholic education has limited or no public funding through the CCSTA Endowment Fund. Toonies for Tuition, the official campaign for the CCSTA Endowment Fund, is asking for our help in fundraising for this worthwhile initiative. Every year, there are more requests than funds available, so we help turn that around.
Ongoing Fundraisers
  • Monthly Loonie Casual Days proceeds to Holy Childhood Association

    This is how it all started:

    In 1843 french Bishop Charles de Forbin Jansen called upon the children of France to help save the children of China. He asked them to become Missionary Children, helping to spread the Good News. He asked them to say a Hail Mary every day and give a small coin every month to help feed the Chinese children.

    Their motto was “children helping children”. The French children took up this great work and from then on the work of missionary children has spread across the world, the Holy Childhood Association is present in 110 countries today. Monies raised through schools or children's catechism groups are directed towards self-help programs involving the building of schools and mother and child health centers, the provision of health, medicines and nutrition services, school fees and teaching and learning resources.

    Children in communities, orphanages, homes for the disabled, refugees and those living on the streets are assisted by your generosity and that of children who wish to make the love of Jesus known everywhere.

    Our donations help generous children across the world to reach with practical and spiritual actions those in urgent need.
UPcoming Fundraisers
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Past Fundraisers
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