School Suspension

Dear Holy Ghost School Families, 

Piece in Christ! 

Suspension of Classes 

Following today‚Äôs recommendations of the Chief Provincial Public Health Officer, Dr. Brent Roussin and Minister of Education Kelvin Goertzen directed all schools to suspend classroom learning indefinitely for this school year. If students were to return to class prior to the end of June, it would be at the discretion of the Chief Provincial Public Health Officer. 

Student marks will be maintained at the most recent assessment (baseline), but students will be expected to continue learning and complete assignments. Teachers will teach remotely, assess progress, and assign a final grade. All students are expected to continue to actively engage in remote learning. Holy Ghost staff will continue to provide online educational instruction and learning opportunities during the suspension of classes. The instruction will continue via Google Classroom for all the grades. Early and Middle Years provincial assessments are complete for the current school year, therefore unaffected this year. Teachers will assess the work students submit and will prepare final report cards. 


Teacher-directed learning will continue to be implemented to provide education for students through other online tools and print-based learning. The focus will be on literacy and numeracy with opportunities for science and social studies outcomes. Learning will also incorporate physical activity and artistic expression. Teachers will set goals for students and assess progress. Students and parents will have an opportunity to ask questions and get support about school work. Teachers will be available to answer questions during the school day between 9:00AM – 3:00PM, Monday to Friday (except during Spring Break – March 20-April 3). Teachers will maintain relationships with students and families via email, telephone, Google Classroom, Google Hangouts, Zoom, Discussion Boards, FaceTime, etc. Teachers will do their best to respond to the question and provide support (as well as technical support) within 24 hours (of the question). 


Students are encouraged to do their best to respect the due dates set by the teachers for all of their assignments. The teachers are aware and appreciate the many challenges with completing online assignments. If a student is unable to complete an assignment by the specified due date, please email the teacher to let them know. 

Roles and Responsibilities 

  • Teachers 
  • Plan, prepare and communicate learning experiences that support grade-level curriculum outcomes and can feasibly occur within the home setting. 
  • Continued daily support for student learning, including support for families to manage learning at home. 
  • Monitor and assess student learning and assignments. 
  • Assign a final grade, as well as identify future recovery learning needs. 


  • Work with the teacher to ensure that learning continues. 
  • Support students learning at home. 
  • Look for opportunities to promote learning within the context of daily life. 


  • Complete assignments and participate in learning. 
  • Talk to parents and teachers about any concerns or difficulties. 

Next Steps 

  • Develop guidelines to support the expectations for learning and assessment focussed on core curriculum content. Plan for impacts to the next school year and learning recovery. 
  • Distribute resources for parents after Spring Break. 

Holy Ghost School Building 

School building may close. However, School will maintain essential staffing to allow teachers to access resources and operate under the new parameters. We are insuring social distancing and increasing cleaning for infection prevention. 

Best wishes for healthy, safe and restful Spring Break!