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Anyone interested in affairs of the School Board can speak with any member of the Board, call the school for information, or email the Board Chair at

Thank you and God Bless.

Our School Board consists of volunteers who are either elected, or appointed, (by the Pastor). Each member serves a 3 year term and can run for re-election for a second 3 year term. The Board meets on the third Wednesday of each month.

The Board's responsibility is to:   Set policies

Provide direction and to deal with the business aspects of running the school; (budgets, staffing, physical plant).

They also deal with the directives from the Provincial Department of Education (Manitoba Education Training and Youth).

Current Board Executive and Board Members: 

Pastor:                         Fr. Jacek Nosovicz, OMI

Chair:                           Arek Balcerzak

Vice-Chair:                   Michelle Klimek

Treasurer:                    Alex Mariano Jr.

Secretary                     Magda Patacz

Principal:                     Mr. P. Trochanowski


Board Members:

 Larry Neault

 Francis Podlesiecki

 Giselle Valdez Soc

 Joanna Sobiech

 Cheryl Jakobson

 May God bless you with joy, peace and love.