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Music News

Congratulations to all music students on a fantastic Christmas Concert Musical! And thank you to all parents and staff for all of their hard work and support.

This new year brings NEW music to our classroom! As a school we will be learning the Music Monday song, "Sing It Together". We plan to gather outside on May 1st around 10 AM to sing this song loud and proud for the whole world to hear. 

You can learn more about this event and sing along to the song online at

Grade 7 and 8 continue this term to play the guitar. We are working on picking melodies and playing a lot of new chords with faster chord transitions.

Grades 4, 5 and 6 have picked up their recorders again and are playing a lot of new songs with new notes. We will soon work towards learning some ensemble pieces that combine the recorder, xylophones and a variety of other instruments. These songs will be challenging but very satisfying to play!

Grades 1, 2 and 3 are learning a variety of new movement songs. We are also focussing on rhythm patterns and solfege. In early January we went to see the WSO (Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra) perform, "Presto, Mambo!".  This concert was both hilarious to watch and magical to hear. In future lessons we will return to the pieces we heard that day and learn about them in a bit more depth. This term we will also begin to experiment more and play layered xylophone pieces. 

Kindergarten continues to sing, dance, and play instruments. A challenge this term will be learning all the words to our Music Monday Song! 



Mrs Fer and Mrs Duma encourage all grade 5-8 students to come and sing in the Holy Ghost School Choir. We rehearse in the music room every Day 2 at 12:15.


Stay tuned for more in MUSIC this term!