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Music News

 Happy New Year to all!

 I am happy to anounce that we will starting up the an lunch time music ensemble! Grade 4 and 5 students who wish to learn more about playing recorder or develop skills on the alto recorder, xylophone, drums, and other rhythm instruments are invited to join us in the music room on Day 1 at 12:10!

Grade 7 and 8 are continuing their study of chords and melody. They are adding and investigating rhythms that can be added to the pieces.

All guitar students are encouraged to talk with MR. H-D about performing music for school masses.


Grade 6 is continuing their study of the ukulele with an ensemble piece for vocal, recorder, and ukulele, and refining their chord work and strumming.

Grade 5 are continuing their recorder studies. They will be play group pieces with 2 part harmonies and studying pentatonic scales which will lead into expploring improvisation.

Grades 4 are continuing their recorder studies. They will be learning to develop their skills on the instrument while studying pentatonic scales, group pieces, and moving up the ranks of Recorder Karate!

Grades 1, 2, and 3 has started exploring scales and tones through the use of solfege during the songs that we continue to learn. Clapping and body rhythms are still an important part of our day-to-day musical adventures.

Kindergarten will sing, dance, and play instruments. We will also spend time listening to music and examining how we can relate to it through poetry and movement.

Starting this year, I am encouraging the grade 2-6 music students to share their talents with us! They will have the opportunity to share the music that they make outside of the classroom on Fridays by signing up a week before. This could include bringing in an instrument to share, playing one that is in the school, or singing along with a song that they love! The sign up sheet will ask them to prepare one or two songs (depending on length).

Mr H-D and Mrs Duma encourage all grade 5-8 students to come and sing in the Holy Ghost School Choir. We rehearse in the music room every Day 4 at 12:15.


Stay tuned for more in MUSIC this term!

Mr. H-D