ClassroomEvents Notes




All over the province schools are promoting “I Love to Read” month. There are a number of events planned for this month at Holy Ghost as was indicated on the calendar sent home this week. In Kindergarten we like stories and we like to be read to. This is an open invitation to any parent (or grandparent) who would like to come in and be a guest reader. If you are interested please send me a note in the S.I.T. folder or an email.

This month we also celebrate Catholic Schools` week. Thank you for making the sacrifices that you do to send your children to a Catholic school.

In a week or so the Catholic community will begin the Lenten journey toward our greatest feast, Easter. Lent is characterized by the practices of fasting, prayer and almsgiving. Although prayer is already a part of our day, we will be extending our prayer time with visits to the Chapel to pray the Stations of the Cross and to have some quiet time with Jesus.

In regards to fasting, children should never fast from essential meals but they can “give up” non-essential foods like treats. Jesus fasted for 40 days. (If he thought it was important we should at least give it a try.) To help our children understand what it is to go without, we are making every Wednesday and Friday "treat free day". With the money saved not buying all those cookies, chocolates and gummies, maybe donate it to the poor or add it to your church`s collection this lent.


Prayer…Fasting… Almsgiving

Help make this a meaningful Lenten journey for your child as we walk along the way of love with Him.