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June News

A huge thank you to the students from grades 6 and 8 who helped with the games for the picnic on June 4.  Their help was invaluable!

Thank You All

Congratulation to Danielle B. for winning the opportunity to represent us at the Canada Wide Science Fair in Regina last month.  You can read about Danielle's experience in the June newsletter.

Congratulations to the twenty-five students who received the sacrament of Confirmation on May 25.  May this be the start of a life of service and modelling our faith throughout their lives.

June will be a busy month.  Hip Hop classes begin the week of June 5th.  The junior high track and field day will be Monday, June12th.

Final exams, for those students not exempt, will begin on Monday, June 19th.  Exemptions will be announced in the week of June 12th.  Students needing extra help with exam prep need to speak with their teachers.

Please remember to return Fun Mountain permissions by Friday, June 9th.  Our Fun Mountain trip will be Monday, June 26th.  A huge thank you to our Parent Association for funding this trip.  The Parent Association will cover the cost of the bus, admission and lunch on that day.  Thank you parents for your hard work on the behalf of the students of Holy Ghost School.

On Tuesday, June 27th, the grade 5 - 8 students will be walking to Billy Mosienko for bowling in the afternoon.

Our Farewell Mass for the grade 8's will be on Wednesday, June 28th at 1:00.  There will be a reception after Mass in the Church hall for students and parents.

On Thursday, June 29th, grade 8 along with their grade 1 prayer buddies will spend a morning in St. John's Park.  That afternoon we will celebrate Canada's 150th birthday.  Happy Birthday Canada!

Friday, June 30th, our last day, will culminate with a commissioning of our Grade 8 class who will bemoving on to many different schools in the fall.  They are truly a wonderful group of students.  Mature, considerate, generous and hard-working.  All the qualities we want to see in our students.  We were blessed to have them in our school and will miss them next year.  We hope they experience great things in their high school years.  Classes will be dismissed at 1:00 on this last day.

We hope you all have a blessed, safe and rejuvinating summer.

Christian service sheets (20 hours) were due on Tuesday, May 23rd.  A reminder that this service comprised 20% of the third term religion mark.  I am still missing some service sheets.

Parents are still asked to continue supervising their child's homework.  As summertime approaches it is difficult for students to stay focussed.  Please ensure work is still being done and in a timely fashion.  We will begin reviewing for final exams the week of June 12th.

Any questions you might have may be directed to Mrs. Horsman either in person outside of school hours, by phone, or email at