ClassroomEvents Notes





I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have made these years at Holy Ghost a joy and a blessing.  I have had the privilege of teaching here for 37 years and although I look forward to the next phase of life, leaving the community of Holy Ghost is really a challenge for me to face.

I want to thank everyone who make up this great community; Father Jacek and Father Daniel and those in the parish who support the school, our HGS Board of Directors, our Parents' Association, the Alumni Association, our terrific staff, our parents, and those who make everyday both a joy and a challenge, our students.  You all work tirelessly to make this school a home-away-from-home for many.

The past month has been incredibly amazing and an astonishing surprise.  Thank you to those who made the celebration of my retirement from teaching special, from the Talent Show & Tea on June 8, the party my grade 8's organized on June 26, the wonderful dinner by the staff organized on June 26, to the surprise party of June 28.  It was all wonderful and really TOO much!  Really, TOO much!  I can't express how much I appreciate the time and trouble you all went to to make this month special.

Your little visits to my class, kind words, cards(I finally have my own science backboard), flowers, gifts, lunches, dinners, the unbelieveable number of former students who came in see me, have truly touched my heart.  The words are insufficient but all I can say is thank you.

All I ever wanted to do was teach and Holy Ghost made it possible for me to do that for many years.  If I was able to touch your life in some way, I am happy.  You have certainly all touched mine.  Holy Ghost has made it possible for me to help support my family, but more important, Holy Ghost has helped to support my soul.

Thank you and sincerely,

Franca Horsman