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May News

Our students did wonderfully well at the Manitoba Schools Science Symposium.  For all the details see the next school newsletter.

Fri., May 11 -      Jump Rope for Heart - afternoon

Thurs., May 17 - Track and Field eliminations (afternoon)

Tues., May 22  -  Confirmation rehearsal 6:00

                            (candidate & sponsor in the Church)

Thurs., May 24 -  Confirmation Mass 7:00

                           (students to arrive by 6:30)

Mon., June 18  -  Thurs., June 21 - Final exams (mornings)

Fri., June 8 -       Talent Show (1:00 p.m)

Sat., June 9 -      School picnic at Kildonan Park

Fri., June 22     -  Admin. Day (no school)

Mon., June 25   -  Fun Mountain gr. 8 all day

Tues., June 26  -  Grad rehearsal (11:00 a.m)

                             Bowling - p.m.

Wed., June 27   - Grade 8 Farewell Mass &

                            Reception - 1:00

Students should have  completed their 20 hours of Christian Community service by May 24.  Hand in log sheet to Mrs. Horsman.

Grade 7/8 Staff:


            Mrs. Horsman:                       math, science, religion, health

            Mr. Banias:                            English language arts, social studies,

            Ms. Garland:                          French

            Mr. Thiessen:                         physical education

            Mr. Hanlon-Dearman             music

            Mrs. Matias:                           art/resource



Calendar:  please note that the following dates are tentative and subject to change



Parent-teacher conferences:               Term 1 – Thursday, November 30  (evening)                                                             Friday, December 1 morning



                                                            Term 2 – Thursday, March 15(evening)


                                                                            Friday, March 16 (morning)



Science Fair:                                       Thursday, February 22


Exams weeks:                                     mid-term:       January 23 – January 26


                                                            final:               June 18 - June 21


                                                                                  (see teachers for details)



Vacations:                   Christmas:             Monday, December 25– Friday, January 5


                                    Spring:                   Monday, March 26 –Tuesday, April 3



Homework:  In order to be successful this year, students should expect to have on average, 1 to 1 ½ hours of homework per evening.  This may include written homework assignments, projects, studying for tests, reading, reviewing daily work etc.  Students are encouraged to do their homework at home in an undisturbed environment.


Students are also encouraged to ask their teachers for help if difficulties should arise.  Teachers are happy to make extra time, as needed, for their students.  Mrs. Horsman is available before and after school for help with questions.


If homework is inadequately done, teachers may detain students after school until 4:00 p.m. to complete the work.  If the student is needed beyond 4:00, the teacher will contact the parent/guardian in advance to advise them.  A detailed Holy Ghost School homework policy may be found in the Holy Ghost School student handbook.


Agenda books:  Students were required to purchase the school agenda book.  This is a tool, which if properly used, can help students become better organized and better time-managers.  Students are expected to use the agenda each day to record homework assignments, due dates, daily reminders, etc.  Parents are asked to sign the agenda book each night.  This is done in an effort to keep parents informed of the daily goings-on in the school.


Evaluation:  Student evaluation will be based on a combination of daily work, tests, projects, exams, etc.  Tests will be sent home with students to be seen and signed by a parent, then returned promptly.  Parents are encouraged to contact the teacher if they wish to discuss test results.  This process is in place to ensure parents are kept up-to-date on their child’s progress.


In January, all students will write exams in English language arts, mathematics, science, social studies.  These exams will comprise 20% of the second term mark.


Students who have received an overall grade of at least 80% in all of these five subjects will be placed on the Honour Roll in the first and second term.  In June, students who have maintained an 80% average throughout the year in these subjects will receive an Honour Roll certificate.  If, in a given subject, a student has received an overall grade of 80% or more, the student may be exempt from writing that particular June exam.


If students do not receive a final passing grade (50%) in a major subject, they will be referred to summer school.


Vacations:  As the expectations in grades 7 and 8 are considerable, it is advised that students not miss school days for vacations.  Whenever possible, please arrange family vacations during the above stated vacation periods.  In particular, do not plan vacations during exam times or during science fair times.


This information is meant to help you and your child have a successful school year and to prepare them for the expectations of high school.  It is our hope that all of our students will have the tools required to enter the high school of their choice when they leave Holy Ghost School.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact teachers at the school at 582-1053 or email me at

If parents have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Horsman through the school office or by email at: