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June News

Young Citizens Video Challenge: Please Vote Online for Adra B.


Congratulations to Adra B. for being nominated as a Young Citizens for her project Emily Stowe: A Woman of Firsts. Adra has worked hard to make an engaging and informative video about her project. It may be viewed at the link below, starting June 12. Her video will be one of 200 videos from across Canada produced by history-loving young people! If she gets enough votes she may be able to win a trip to Ottawa to attend Canada’s History Youth Forum. Please help make this possible by voting for Adra!

Feel free to pass on the link to others, and to share the link on your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Adra needs every vote possible in order to win. She can't do it without you! You may also leave a comment after viewing the video, if you wish. (Scroll down past her bio to do this.) Adra would love to hear from you!

Thank you so much for your help!



Red River Heritage Fair


The grade six students worked diligently on their Heritage Fair Projects in third term. All the hard work paid off because the class had great fun listening to and viewing the entertaining and informative presentations of their fellow classmates. We also invited the grade four and five classrooms, as well as Mrs. Chabluk and Mr. Peters to listen the presentations. The sixes enjoyed answering many questions and listening to comments and feedback. It was a great learning experience for all!


The object of Heritage Fair is to bring history to life through the use of skits, historical re-enactments, costumes, dioramas, interviews with experts, games, artifacts, photographs, original artwork, songs, poems, models, backboard displays, timelines, written reports, and dynamic presentations.


Although the majority of the projects were well done, unfortunately they could not all be entered into the fair. Only some could be chosen to proceed to the Red River Heritage Fair at the University of Winnipeg on May 4, 2017.


The students had an exciting day attending various workshops and presenting their projects to judges. The workshops included: A History Scavenger Hunt (where many students won prizes), Singing, Stories, and Games with the Guitar-Playing History Wrangler, and making Indigenous Spirit Pouches and Beaded Bracelets.  


All of our students who entered the fair received medals and certificates, and a couple of students also won Specialty Awards. These students received additional prizes and certificates:


CTV Investigative Research Award – Emily Stowe: Woman of Firsts – Adra B.


Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame Award – The Winnipeg Falcons – Bradley B.


Young Citizen Nomination  Emily Stowe: Woman of FirstsAdra B.


Congratulations to all of the students who created and presented excellent projects for this year’s Heritage Fair! You have improved your research, communication, and presentation skills throughout the year. We are proud of you all!


June Events


June 5-7: Hip Hop in Gym class
June 8: Colour Day $1.00 for HCA; Wear your assigned house team colour;  *Early Dismissal 2:00 p.m.*
June 13: Taco Tuesday

June 14: Grade 6 Drumming Class

June 15: MCSAA Track (Grade 4-6)

June 18: Father's Day
June 22: Top Marks Uniform Fittings 3:00-7:00
June 23: No School 
June 27: Grade 5-8 Bowling
June 28: Gr. 8 Farewell Mass 1:00 p.m.
June 29: Canada 150 Celebrations 
June 30: *1:00 P.M Dismissal / No After School Program* Last Day of School, Closing Celebration and Awards 10:30 A.M *



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 Have a Great Day!


 1. Think Safety at ALL Times and in ALL Situations:

        - Slow down on the playground 

        - Watch out for the other children on the playground and play structure

        - Be aware of your surroundings

        - Think of possible consequences before you act

        - Work and play in a safe manner


  2. Be a Friend to All:

        - Include everyone in games  

        - Be kind, considerate and patient with classmates

        - Look for ways to help students and staff

        - Offer encouragement and support to others

        - Give others a sincere compliment


  3. Complete Homework & Projects on Time and with Full Details & Creativity:

       - Plan ahead and give yourself enough time

       - Do homework and projects in a quiet area at the same time each day

       - Ask for help if you are having difficulties

       - Do complete, detailed and creative work – always do your best!


 4. Be Neat and Organized:

       - Remember that being organized saves time and minimizes frustration

       - Keep your notebooks, desk, book-bag, locker and classroom neat and tidy


REMINDER - Please keep up with the daily assignments, home reading, and IXL Math and IXL English practice. A small amount of consistent effort each day will add up to huge rewards and achievements! Also please have the agenda signed each day. Thank you.


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at the school at (204) 582-1053 or email me at 

Ms. Gentile