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February News


February is one of the busiest and most exciting months of the school year! First of all, I Love to Read Month activities will help nurture the love of reading, of exploring new books and authors, and of expanding our minds with new ideas. Let’s turn off the television and computer for an hour each evening and enjoy a great book! Let’s discuss our books over the dinner table, and get a great conversation going! 


Catholic Schools Week will be held during the second week of the month. Catholic Schools Week is a time to build up school spirit and celebrate the fact that we are privileged to attend a wonderful Catholic school, with Jesus as our guide and role model.


During February we will be learning about the Virtue of Friendliness, and how we can put this virtue into action. A simple smile can make all the difference in someone’s day. Listening to others, offering a sincere compliment, and taking the time to get to know others better can make our school and the world a better place!


The students are looking forward to Shrove Tuesday and the Pancake Breakfast on February 13, as well as our St. Valentine Party, which will be held this day, as the next day is Lent.


We will attend mass on the morning of Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent. All parents are invited to join us. In class we will discuss the Lenten practises of fasting, prayer, and almsgiving, as we prepare for the most important feast of our liturgical year, Easter.


For the budding scientist, Science and Learning Fair will be held on Thursday, February 22. Class presentations of projects will begin on Monday, February 12. It is always so exciting to see the many innovative experiments our students dream up. Sometimes the results turn out in the predicted way, and sometimes they don’t – that is one of the things that makes science discovery so much fun and challenging! The official judging of the projects will be on February 22 in the school gym, from 12:40 pm to 3:30 pm, followed by the Open House and Awards Ceremony from 6:00 to 7:00 pm.


The students with the top projects from each grade will then have the opportunity to rub shoulders with other top science students from the province at the Manitoba Schools Science Symposium held at the University of Manitoba in April. Many of our great scientists such as Roberta Bondar (Canada’s first female astronaut in space) have credited science fairs with having sparked their interest in science, and having motivated them to continue their science studies at university, and to pursue distinguished careers. Visit for more information.


As well, Louis Riel Day will be celebrated on Monday, February 19. Louis Riel was the great Métis leader who is admired for the way he fought for the rights of his people in the Red River Valley. Louis Riel Day is a provincial holiday, and special events will be held at the St. Boniface Museum, at 494 Tache Avenue, on this day. Visit for more information.  Heritage Fair is coming up soon, and the St. Boniface Museum is a great place to view artifacts, pursue research, and gather information for Heritage Fair.


Of course, even though February is a very busy month, we also need to “keep our eye on the ball” and keep up with our daily studies and homework, while at the same time enjoying the special events our school will be offering. Daily review of class work, careful completion of homework, and dedication to learning will lead to success!




Holy Ghost Student Wins Trip to Ottawa for Young Citizens Project!


Congratulations to Adra Barnet for being chosen as a Young Citizen for her informative and entertaining project, Emily Stowe: A Woman of Firsts. Adra’s historical research and presentation skills shine through in this video! She enacted Stowe’s story in a personal and engaging manner, demonstrating poise, enthusiasm, and confidence throughout the presentation. The video was enhanced by the various backdrops, costume changes, and also by the various locations she traveled to, including the Mennonite Heritage Village (in Steinbach), the Canadian Human Rights Museum (in Winnipeg), and others.


Adra will be travelling to Ottawa, Ontario, to attend Canada’s History Youth Forum along with the other Young Citizens from Canada’s provinces and territories. This all expenses paid trip will include many fun activities and sightseeing visits to interesting places in Canada’s capital region. This will be an exciting time full of new experiences and new friends from across our great country! We wish Adra a safe and happy trip later this fall.


Thank you to all of you who voted for Adra’s video. The Judges’ Evaluation counted for 50% of her marks, while voting by the public counted for the other 50%. Hopefully, Adra’s video about Emily Stowe has brought one part of Canada’s history to life for you and inspired you to reach for your dreams, despite obstacles that arise, just as Stowe did!


You many view her video at: (Scroll down, and press the arrow on the historical picture to view the video.)


For highlights of last year’s Youth Forum please log onto: (You will see our previous Young Citizen, Ysabelle Tankeko, in the group picture.)


Kayak Illustrated History Story Challenge Winner

Every year the Grade 6 students enter the Kayak Illustrated History Story Challenge. They are challenged to take a topic, person, or event from Canadian history that interests them, add their own imagination and creativity, and turn it into an entertaining historical story or comic strip. Many of our students wrote excellent stories and comic strips, and one of them was fortunate to be selected from all the entrants from across Canada as a finalist this year! The judges graded the entries on:

  • Creativity and Originality
  • Content and Story Composition
  • Grammar, Spelling, and the Quality of Writing
  • Use of Illustrations to Support the Story

Congratulations go out to Juliana Talosig for her terrific work called: William Stephenson: The James Bond of Winnipeg. Juliana first conducted research on her topic, then she composed her text, and finally she created realistic and imaginative illustrations on her iPad using the app called Procreate to bring the story to life. You may view her project online at:

The other winners may be viewed at: 

(You will see many other Holy Ghost School winners from previous years here.)



Interesting Websites


God Loves You!


 God loves you


You are precious to Him


Forgive and forget


 And begin to make your life


Something beautiful


 For God!




 Have a Great Day!


 1. Think Safety at ALL Times and in ALL Situations:

        - Slow down on the playground 

        - Watch out for the other children on the playground and play structure

        - Be aware of your surroundings

        - Think of possible consequences before you act

        - Work and play in a safe manner


  2. Be a Friend to All:

        - Include everyone in games  

        - Be kind, considerate and patient with classmates

        - Look for ways to help students and staff

        - Offer encouragement and support to others

        - Give others a sincere compliment


  3. Complete Homework & Projects on Time and with Full Details & Creativity:

       - Plan ahead and give yourself enough time

       - Do homework and projects in a quiet area at the same time each day

       - Ask for help if you are having difficulties

       - Do complete, detailed and creative work – always do your best!


 4. Be Neat and Organized:

       - Remember that being organized saves time and minimizes frustration

       - Keep your notebooks, desk, book-bag, locker and classroom neat and tidy


REMINDER - Please keep up with the daily assignments, home reading, and IXL Math practice. A small amount of consistent effort each day will add up to huge rewards and achievements! Also please have the agenda signed each day. Thank you.


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at the school at (204) 582-1053 or email me at 

Ms. Gentile