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Young Citizens Video Challenge - Everyone Please Vote Online June 12 - 22


We ask the entire Holy Ghost School Community to vote online June 12 – 22 to support the HGS students listed below. They have worked hard to create informative and engaging Heritage Fair Videos for the Young Citizens Challenge. Starting June 12 go to the links below to view the videos and vote for all your favorites. Thank you so much!


Anna Mhira A. - Viola Desmond: Fight for What is Right


Josh C. - #RielHero


Mischa G. - The History & Evolution of Portage and Main


Jasnoor G. – The Edmonton Grads: World's Most Winning Team


Scarlett M. – Roberta Bondar: First Canadian Woman in Space


Please share this link on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts from June 12 to 22, as the more votes each student receives, the better chance they have to win a trip to Ottawa. You may only vote once per email address, per project, during the entire time period. Due to cutbacks, only four students will be chosen from all across Canada, unlike previous years where one or two students were chosen from each province.


After voting, you may choose to leave a comment below the student profile. The students love receiving these comments from you, so if you have time, please write a few lines. We all enjoy reading them.


It would be exciting to have one of students experience a four day trip to attend Canada’s Youth Forum in Ottawa, and take part in sight-seeing trips in the region. Please vote to make this happen! You may vote for any or all of the following students. Below are the individual links to the videos:


Red River Heritage Fair


The Grade 6 students researched diligently and created some very interesting Heritage Fair Projects this year. Their hard work paid off because the class had great fun listening to and viewing the entertaining and informative presentations of their fellow classmates. The Grade 4 and 5 classrooms, as well as Mrs. Chabluk, were invited to attend, and they were very impressed by the presentations. The Grade 6’s enthusiastically answered many questions and listened to comments and feedback. It was a great learning experience for all!


The top projects then proceeded to the Red River Heritage Fair on May 3. The students participated in fun and educational workshops, joined in the lively heritage dancing at lunchtime, and answered a myriad of judges’ questions. It was an action-packed day enjoyed by all!


All of our students who entered the fair received medals and certificates for their projects, and as well we were excited to receive the Best School Enthusiasm Award, presented by The Friends of the Dalnavert Museum. We received a free field trip for the entire class to the Dalnavert Museum, as well as a $125 McNally Robinson gift certificate for the school library.  


In addition, several students won Specialty Awards. These students received additional prizes and certificates and are invited to a special dinner reception with the Lieutenant Governor, of Manitoba at Government House on June 6.


Heritage Winnipeg AwardThe History & Evolution of Portage and Main – Mischa G.


Heritage Winnipeg AwardThe Forks History – Ergon G. & Rusell P.


IQmetrix Award (MB Association of Computing Educators) - #RielHero – Joshua C.


Canadian Experiences: Second World War AwardJuno Beach: D Day – Colyn J.


Manitoba Historical Society AwardThe History & Evolution of Portage and Main – Mischa G.


Manitoba Museum AwardImmigration: A One Way Ticket to Canada – Serena S.


Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame AwardThe Edmonton Grads – Jasnoor G.


MB Genealogical Society Family History AwardImmigration: A One Way Ticket to Canada – Serena S.


Veteran AwardValour Road – Patrick B. & Rylie D.



Not all the projects were able to win specialty awards, some because they did not fit those special categories. However, these projects were just as excellent as the preceeding. So congratulations to the other students selected to attend the fair as well:

Harriet Tubman – Ria S.


Polar Bear and Northern Lights – Emilia P.


Roberta Bondar: Canada’s First Woman in Space – Scarlett M.


Viola Desmond: Fight for What is Right – Anna Mhira A.


Congratulations to each student in the class who created and presented terrific projects! You have improved your research, communication, and presentation skills throughout the year. As well, you have demonstrated great creativity and enthusiasm. We are proud of you all.



McNally Robinson Grade 5-6 Writing Contest

I Have Always Wanted to...


Congratulations to Daniel C. in grade 6 for being chosen as the First Place Winner in this writing contest! The theme was “I have always wanted to...”  go into space, swim in the sea, climb a mountain, go back into the past, etc! Submissions were required to be 500-1000 words, and could be fiction or non-fiction. The special guest judge was Vikki VanSickle, author of the acclaimed Clarissa books, including Words that Start with B, and Days that End in Y. Her latest novel is The Winnowing.  


The Awards Ceremony was held Thursday, May 10, at McNally Robinson at Grant Park, with celebrity judge Vikki VanSickle. Friends and classmates were invited to attend. Daniel received a $75 dollar gift certificate and bag filled with exciting books, while Ms. Gentile received books for her classroom. The ceremony was a lot of fun, the cookies and juice were delicious, and the stories were fantastic! Thank you to McNally Robinson and Scholastic Canada for sponsoring this contest and for the terrific prizes. Congratulations, Daniel, on your imaginative and exciting story! You may read the story below:


Planet 369B


Day 387 on the flare. “Today we will be performing a gravity catapult maneuver over planet 369B,” boomed the captain over the intercom.

Tyler Grant had just awoken and was preparing for breakfast. The ship he worked on belonged to a company called Subterra. Its mission was to repair a deep-space warp-gate.

At the cafeteria he was talking to his fellow crew members when suddenly, the lights started flashing red and the alarms screamed in his ear. A second later he heard a loud explosion and the hull of the ship creaking. Everyone ran to the escape pods! Tyler’s pod launched just as he heard another loud explosion, and he saw his ship flaming through the atmosphere!

As Tyler’s pod hurtled through the atmosphere, he worried about what would happen if the parachutes didn’t open in time. Just then the pod started shaking violently, a panel came loose, and hit him hard in the head, sending everything into a blur!

When Tyler awoke the air was thick with smoke, and a fire was blazing on the floor of the life pod. He picked up the fire extinguisher and quickly put the fire out. He took a look around the pod and he noticed that the environmental scanners and solar panels were damaged, but the fabricator was still functional. When he turned the fabricator on it took a second for it to scan the surroundings and assemble a list of useful items. Tyler decided the first thing he should do was build a repair tool to repair the pods’ systems.

When Tyler got out of the pod he was amazed by what he saw. He appeared to have landed in a shallow coral reef. Alien fish he had never seen before swam under the waves and between the coral tubes. He wanted to explore this beautiful reef more, but he realized he had to set his priorities.

The first thing he had to do was to build a repair tool. The fabricator identified the following materials needed to build the repair tool: titanium, wall coral, tube coral sample, reach vine fibers, copper, silver, battery. Finding most of the items was no problem because his scanner could identify the alien plants. Tyler built the repair tool and fixed his life pod systems.

Suddenly, he received a message on his radio that said, “This is life pod 9. I am Officer Arden, and I have assumed command for the captain. I have scanned for a dry place to rendezvous and I will send you the coordinates.”

A marker appeared on Tyler’s GPS. Before Tyler could go he needed to get the proper equipment. Tyler built an oxygen tank and some swim fins. He also found a wreckage and when he went inside he found a perfectly intact hand-held mobility device.

Tyler set out to the rendezvous point, and while he was swimming he found a gigantic sea monster. It appeared to be non-aggressive, but then, out the corner of his eye, he spotted movement, and then suddenly he heard a roar and a giant leviathan rammed into the other creature killing it.

The leviathan was distracted for a second, giving Tyler a head start, but not for long. It chased after Tyler emitting a horrible roar like Tyler had never heard before. Tyler rushed toward a cave, and just as he thought that he was going to make it to safety, the creature whipped him with its tail and sent him flying into a wall.

Tyler was injured and could not move. The creature roared with delight, but just as the creature was about to bite, out of nowhere, a torpedo hit the creature and scared it away. Tyler looked up, and saw his friend, Richard, driving a submersible.

 “Are you okay?” yelled Richard.

 “I think that my back is broken,” whispered Tyler.

Richard applied healing gel to Tyler's wounds, and in ten minutes his back was healed. They both set off the rendezvous point together. Tyler had always wanted to explore an alien world, but now he knew the dangers that came with doing so.

ExploraVision Winners: Hands on! Minds on!


The National Science Teachers Association ExploraVision science competition encourages K – 12 students to imagine what technology might be like in the future. Students study a technology presently available in the world and project into the future what that technology might be like 20 years from now in the year 2038.


ExploraVision helps students experience scientific process and discovery in an engaging, hands-on way. It enhances education by encouraging scientific imagination, interdisciplinary studies (science, technology, history, language arts, communications) and team building. It empowers our next generation of inventors, scientists, and leaders.


Students dream up a new invention cooperatively using their scientific knowledge, problem solving skills, and creativity, as they work in their respective Research and Development (R & D) Teams. After much research, inventive thinking, and some give and take, the students decide on the final form of their invention.


Then they create a report about their new invention with the following headings: Abstract, Present Technology, History, Future Technology, Breakthroughs, Design Process, Consequences, Bibliography, and as well, they draw and illustrate 5 pages of Simulated Web Page Graphics.


Projects are judged on creativity, scientific accuracy, communication, and feasibility of vision. Judges award higher scores to projects that are different from those that have won previously. See for additional information.


Many of the grade 6 students put a great deal of effort into their projects, and can be proud of their inventions. All the students will receive prizes and certificates for their hard work.


We are very pleased that three of our students received Honorable Mention Awards for their invention called iHealth. These are awarded to only the top 10% of the approximately 5000 North American students who enter the contest. These three students will receive additional prizes and certificates. Special congratulations go to the following Grade 6 students for their wonderful work:


              • Anna Mhira A.
              • Alyssa D.
              • Jasnoor G.




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