ClassroomEvents Notes




The Month of May is dedicated to our Blessed Virgin Mary. The students have been partaking in class discussions about Mary and will be praying the Rosary and sharing our petitions and thankfulness to her.


In Science, we continue to focus on our Body Systems unit. The students have been busy making models of the digestive system and are currently exploring the skeletal and circulatory systems. When it gets warmer, we will also have Mr. Peters (E.A) bring in his unique bicycle and give a neat presentation by explaining how his bike uses simple machines to work.


In Math, we are finishing up our unit on fractions, decimals, estimation and place value (test May 15th ). Next we shall be exploring measurement and geometry.


We are coming to the end of our Chapter 5 unit in Social Studies ( test May 14th) and will then begin next section, “From British Colony to Confederation”.


This month continues to be busy with journal/paragraph writing, as well as reading comprehension, TUSC spelling and grammar lessons. The students have also been enjoying their new novel study book titled, “Schooled” by Gordan Korman.

I wish you all a safe, healthy and happy month. God Bless!

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