ClassroomEvents Notes






Wow! I cannot believe April is already here and spring is upon us! The students will be learning and partaking in a lot of new and exciting activities this term.

In Science, we have begun our Body Systems unit and will be looking at the body and its functions by doing some fun hands on activities such as dissections, to explore the body and living things. When it gets warmer, we will also have Mr. Peters (E.A) bring in his unique bicycle and give a neat presentation by explaining how his bike uses simple machines to work.

In Math, we have finished up our section on fractions and will be exploring decimals. We will discover how they relate to fractions and are used in measurement.

The students had an excellent time at Festival du Voyageur and learned a lot! This month they will be finishing up their Fur Trade unit in Social Studies.  After Spring Break, they will begin their next section, “From British Colony to Confederation”.

We will be starting up our TUSC unit this month as well as begin a new novel. The students are continuing to write and focus on description and supportive details in their paragraph writing as well as work diligently on their Grammar, Reading Comprehension and Spelling assignments.

In Religion, we are focusing on the meaning of Lent and the Stations of the Cross. We will be visiting Holy Ghost Parish on March 23rd with Father Daniel to pray and reflect upon the Stations. I would also like to thank Fr. Daniel for visiting the classroom earlier in March and answering many questions the students had.

I wish you all a safe, healthy and happy month and Easter Season. God Bless!

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