ClassroomEvents Notes




Teacher: Ms Stasiewicz




Last month the grade two class was busy preparing for and writing end of term tests and assignments.  They worked hard and showed good growth. I was happy to meet the parents at the Parent-Teacher Conferences.


We are now in the season of Advent as we journey closer to Christmas.  As every year, at this time, the school is collecting various items to share with those in need. More information is in the December newsletter.


The annual Christmas concert takes place on Wednesday, December 20th.  The students are busy preparing for this important and exciting event. There is a Matinee at 1:30 p.m. on the same day as the evening concert. The theme of the concert requires the children to wear Hawaiian/beach outfits as a costume.



We have begun our Home Reading Program. To make this a beneficial reading experience for your child please use some of the comprehension strategies that are included in the bookbags.


Parent Teaching Hint (Parents are the first teachers of the child)

Retelling a story in order is sometimes difficult.  To practise sequencing a story, write sentences from a story your child has read, on different strips of paper. Have your child arrange the strips in order.  The sentences can also be written on one sheet and then numbered in order.  Increase the number of sentences for more difficulty.



 I would like to wish all the parents and students a Merry Christmas and a Blessed Christmas season.



Ms Stasiewicz