ClassroomEvents Notes




Teacher: Ms Stasiewicz




Happy Easter to all the parents and students.  May the joy of Easter remain in your families and bring you comfort and peace.



We are back from our spring break and hopefully the students are well-rested and ready for the last term of school.  In a few weeks the Grade 2 class will be having their First Confession and First Holy Communion.  Please continue to practise the prayers and Commandments. I have started to test the students to see if they can carefully recite the 3 prayers.   I will send a reminder note home before the Communion week-end about the times and dates.



Before the spring break we began to study Shapes in Math.  The students can bring in objects to put in our shape bag to do some fun and learning activities.  During this third term we will be studying the number facts to 18.  We are currently on the number 15.  We will also study measurement, money, and time, and we will continue with problem-solving.



In Social Studies we are learning about settler life in Canada and how people had to take care of all their needs and wants on their own.



Our Science unit will focus on Position and Motion.


The bookbags are still due every Tuesday and Friday.  We will begin a new set of bookbags this month.



The IXL Math program is very valuable in helping reinforce the concepts we are learning.  It has been purchased by the school and is available for your child’s education.  Please take advantage of this important resource.



Ms Stasiewicz