ClassroomEvents Notes



Grade 2

 June Farewell

Ms Stasiewicz



The students of grade 2 had a busy month finishing up units of study and preparing for tests.  They worked hard and have earned a well-deserved rest.  Thank you, parents, for the help, concern, and cooperation you offered this year.  Hopefully we were able to, together, make the year a successful one for your child. 

During the summer don’t forget to have your child practise various skills in Math and Language Arts such as: 

  • reading and asking questions about a story
  • writing stories and checking them for correct sentence structure, spelling, and punctuation
  • practising the math facts to 18
  • reviewing money: counting amounts using loonies, quarters, dimes, and nickels
  • using the IXL Math (reports from IXL which I have received show that in the first 2 weeks of July only 1 student used the site)

Practise during the summer will help maintain these skills for the next grade.

We will be back at school before we know it!


I wish all the parents and students a safe and happy summer holiday.