ClassroomEvents Notes




Teacher: Ms Stasiewicz

The first month of school went by very quickly and the grade 2 students have become familiar with the routines of the class.


I am pleased with the neatness the students have shown in their printing.  We stress neat printing all the time.

The class is adjusting well to the Spelling program.  They are now writing down their assignment questions on their own.  Please stress and monitor your child to make sure that corrections are done before new work is attempted.

There are still a few students who do not have their sweaters and gym clothes labelled.  The labels should be checked periodically in case the names get washed away. 

Please continue to check your child’s Homework/Message folder every evening.  Short notes from the teacher will sometimes be written in the Spelling scribbler.

October is the month of the rosary.  Your child could bring a rosary to school, if you wish, and we will pray a decade together in class.  Families can also pray together at home as this is a wonderful way to reflect on the life of Mary and Jesus. 

Parent Teaching Hint (Parents are the first teachers of the child)   Reading is important in all subject areas so it is a good idea to read with your child every evening, even for just 10 minutes.


General Information

 Term Outline

- Information regarding the concepts we will be covering in each term will

be made available during each term. Parents can use this information to  help their children with their learning.



- Homework is usually the unfinished spelling assignment for the day.

- Please check your child’s Homework and Message folder for any other homework or notes and messages. 

- Parents can also provide homework by having their child do extra reading, phonics, or math, based on the concepts outlined for the term.



- Spelling unit tests are every Monday. 

- Notes will be sent home informing parents about other tests.



- Evaluation consists of student performance in daily work and on tests.


Support Work

- The Home Reading program begins in November.

- Students having difficulty in an area will be asked to do extra work at home.


Physical Education

- The students will be changing into gym clothes this year.  Please label the

   gym bag as well as the shorts and shirt.

- Gym bags can be brought home every Friday for washing.