ClassroomEvents Notes






February will be a very busy month filled with many exciting activities.

We will be celebrating our 100th school day on February 12th.


Science Fair will be on Thursday February 22nd.  Please come to see our “cool” room on ARCTIC ANIMALS. The students have been working hard and learning a lot about the arctic. Join us Thursday evening in the classroom to test your arctic knowledge. The students are excited to show you and test you. I can’t wait to see all the parents.

We will celebrating Catholic School’s week on February 12th to 15th.  The students will be involved in many fun activities.                                                                                                                                             

Valentine’s Day will be celebrated on February 13th.

The month of February is “I love to read month”.  Listen to your child read every day!  When your child is reading to you and comes to a word that he/she doesn’t know just say the word and let the child go on reading.  Use the Goldilocks rule for choosing books for your child to read – you don’t want a book that is too hard or too easy – just right!  A just right book has about one word in 20 to 25 with which your child is unfamiliar.  You can take turns reading.  You will be modeling good reading.  Have fun reading. 

If your child was able to spell three letter words with the short “a”,”i”,”and “u” sounds, this month  read and spell three letter words with the short ‘e’ sound. Read and spell words like pet, hen, hem, bed, leg etc.

Practice adding and subtracting to 10. Count by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s to 100.

Talk to your child about things you see in the grocery store, talk about the fruit and vegetables and look for strange different ones. Talk about things you pass when you are driving. Children at this age absorb huge amounts of information-and everything they learn increases their brain power!