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            June Newsletter




    Wow June is here, and the school year is quickly coming to an end. I have enjoyed teaching all the students and connecting with all the parents too. I hope that you have a wonderful summer, and I wish you all the best next year.


    June is a great time to review the skills taught through the year. Students will continue to work on refining their decoding and comprehension skills.




 Tips for Parents




Read to your child every day. Continue this through the summer every day that is possible.


Have your child read every day –to you or by him/herself. Take books wherever you go during the summer, so if your child asks “What can I do?”-you always have an answer! Have books that are fun and at a suitable level for your child to read independently. If your child has an interest in a sport, something in nature or even a movie- find books about that interest in your local library.


Next year the children will be expected to increase the amount and quality of writing they can do at a set time. Counting the number of words will help, if your child is not writing much. Perhaps you might count interesting words as 2, to encourage using longer and more exact words. Children, when they begin to writing, often write ‘bare’ sentences. Talk about how these sentences could be made more interesting by adding more colourful words. But …writing on and on with little regard for the quality of the writing is not a good idea!


Writing three or four sentences that are interesting is better than a page of poorly written run on sentences that lack thought.


Writing about daily experiences is the easiest form of writing for children. Having your child write a journal of experiences through the summer makes an interesting keepsake!




 You may want to visit one of our favourite websites  “” which will allow you child to continue to develop their reading skills.   






Have a safe and wonderful summer.