ClassroomEvents Notes








I would like to thank you very much for remembering me around the holidays. Having your child in my class is a true joy, and gift enough for me each and every day that I come to work.  Being a teacher is such a gift in itself, as my students truly give me greater purpose in life. Thank you for your gifts, I am very grateful for your generosity and thought.




SPELLING has begun in grade one. Please make sure spelling homework is completed and handed in daily.




Listen to your child read every day! When your child is reading to you and comes to a word they don’t know, just say the word and let your child continue reading .Use the Goldilocks rule for choosing books for your child to read-you don’t want a book that is too hard or too easy –just right! A’ just right’ book has about one word in 20-25with which the child is unfamiliar.




You can take turns reading…..your child can read a page aloud and then you read a page. You will be modelling good reading.




If your child was able to spell three letter words with short’a’,’i’,and ‘o’ sounds, this  month read and spell three letter words with short ’u’sound. Read and spell words like pup,bud,cup,mud,fun,ect.




Practice adding and subtracting to 10.This can be done orally while driving in the car or walking together. Count by 5s and 10s to 100 too.