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French - Mme J Garland


Another fantastic month has come and gone, filled with exciting hands-on activities, learning through games and (catchy) songs!  We look forward to continuing to develop the following themes in the upcoming month…TRÈS BIEN MES AMIS!



Grades 1-3:  days & months cont’d / weather & seasons

Grade 4:  T.V. shows & awards cont’d / scripts & presentations

Grade 5:  seasonal activities / Festival du Voyageur (*field trip Feb.23rd*)

Grade 6:  descriptions / adjectives (Pauvre Alphonse!) cont’d / RECHERCHÉ posters

Grade 7:  grammar / verb usage; media preferences

Grade 8:  grammar / verb usage ; music varieties


Merci !

Mme J Garland


“Une langue vous ouvre un couloir pour la vie. Deux langues ouvrent toutes les portes sur le chemin.” ~Frank Smith~

(“One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.”)