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Visual Arts is an introductory course designed for students to study in studio skills, art history and visual literacy. Students are given the opportunity to grow and develop as an individual through a variety of Art experiences and mediums (materials). Students will explore various 2 and 3 dimensional art forms to learn about the elements and principles of design. Students will develop drawing skills, perceptive abilities and will solve problems of artistic expression. Most of the classes will be devoted to studio work. Design concepts, color theory, art history and aesthetics will be taught in order to gain proficiency in technique and use of tools. Related studies in art history and aesthetics will help to develop an understanding of the artistic tradition. A willingness to experiment, analyze and interpret artwork will be integral towards achievement in this course.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Students will explore various 2 and 3 dimensional art forms to learn about the Elements and Principles of Design

COURSE GUIDELINES: Students are expected to adhere by the following guidelines: 1) Put your best effort into all assignments 2) Show respect for others as well as yourself 3) Listen to and follow directions 4) Use class time wisely 5) Use materials correctly 6) Clean up and properly put away materials

NOTE: All assignments are expected to be completed by their due date. Students who need extra time to work on assignments can come in during specified lunch hours to complete their work.

ASSESSMENT AND EVALUATION: Evidence of student achievement will be collected over time from four different sources – observations, conversations, student self-assessment, and student products. Criteria for MAJOR PROJECTS are produced as a whole class.



Language and Tools: Students will develop understanding and facility with visual art elements, principles and media.

Creative Expression: Students will individually and collaboratively to create original visual art for a variety of purposes and audiences.

Knowledge and Understanding of Art in Culture and Society: Students will develop understanding of how visual art reflects and influences culture and society.

Analysis and Communication: Students will analyze, reflect on and construct meaning in response to visual art created by both themselves and others.


Instructor: Mrs. L. MATIAS