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Principal’s Message

I believe my job is to support the teachers and staff of the school, so that they can do the best job possible, to inspire and develop the spiritual, social and academic growth of our students. A big part of my job will be focused on the students to inspire and help them be their best, challenging them to reach their goals and meet the expectations set out by our school. 

Part of my job is to assess our success, when striving to achieve the Catholic school goals.  For the most part, this will be to recognize our strengths and to encouraging personal growth.  Often, I’ll have to be a peacemaker for students, teachers and their families, in order to do that, I know I have to be a good listener and problem solver. I will look forward to listening to your ideas and suggestions.

Together with Mrs. Gubala, Mrs. Gyles, the church and the school community, I will do my best to ensure that the school environment is safe and extremely productive. In this environment, my goal will be that, staff and students look forward to spending their time at school each day, working together for common goals.

I truly love working with children and I enjoy seeing them grow and learn. I will do my best to be available to share in a great lesson, experiment, presentation, or whatever teachers or students may wish to share. I plan to visit classrooms, often.

As a parent, I can relate to the concerts of other parents. As a teacher, I know how challenging the job can be at times, but most importantly, I know how rewarding it is, to see our students grow and succeed. 

I am looking forward to the many challenges and achievements of this upcoming year.  May God bless you and your family.


Mrs. Chabluk

Holy Ghost School Principal




The Holy Ghost School Board of Directors would like to take an opportunity to welcome everyone back for the 2016-2017 school year! A special welcome is extended to the teachers, students and families who are joining Holy Ghost School for the first time.

There are some new faces, and a new addition to the school grounds...the playground!! Through many years of hard work fundraising by the students and families, this project came to life this past summer. We know that the students will enjoy the playground for years to come. Thank you to all in our school community and Holy Ghost Parish for making this happen.

We would like to welcome back the Holy Ghost School staff who work hard to ensure the best possible quality of education and support for the students, and we look forward to another year of experiences that will move the students forward not only through education, but personally as well. To the new staff, welcome to the Holy Ghost School community!

Each new school year is filled with opportunities to grow and develop. The Board of Directors will work with our new Principal, Mrs. Chabluk, and seek input in order to understand the needs of the school. The Board of Directors will be looking for a few new members starting this fall for a three year term. If you are interested in seeing how you can become part of the Board, please contact the Board via the Board Chair email. Also, anyone interested in general affairs of the School Board can speak with any member of the Board, or email 

Best wishes to the school community for a rewarding and successful school year.




Holy Ghost School Board of Directors